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NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY. Run for the hills if you come across these apartments.
I moved in March 2015 and it looked pretty okay for a first apartment. New and improved my ass. Once I moved in with my fiance, everything just went down hill from there. Everything started to break, roaches everywhere, shower water kept changing temperature every 15-30 seconds from extremely hot to freezing cold without even touching the nobs. There was no toilet paper holder. They shut the water off without notifying us. The garbage disposal broke within a week of living there. Our AC was broken for 3 months until they came to fix it. And MANY MANY MORE.
The only good thing about these apartments is ONE of the many leasing ladies, Mallory. She was the only sweet and kind one. Everyone else was rude and had something against us, especially Nikki, assistant manager. She always have given us ugly looks and just had a big problem with us from the beginning and I don’t know if it’s because we’re young and gay. But that is not a reason to treat people who pays money for this crap apartment. I would always dread to go to the office because of her. I always tried to make sure when I reported a problem or anything it wouldn’t have to be through her. She charged us for so many things and I went to confront her about it and more money was charged on my part when I even notified her about it. She did a walk in examination when we’re about to move out and we did not get notified until AFTER they walked through our apartment. Like, thank you for letting us know you’re going to come through our apartment without letting us know AFTER you went through it. She charged us $350 for having a pet in the apartment but why? Why would you do that when there’s nothing to charge for??? A charge for having a squirrel visit our patio?? It’s ridiculous.
I already moved out and they’re charging me $480 for damages. I have reported and they “claimed” they fixed it. I reported 3 times about our ceiling leaking from when the storm got really bad and all they did was paint over it. How is that fixing a leak? I have reported all the damages that I have come across and I’m still blamed and needing to pay for it. Thanks for nothing!

It’s by far the worst apartment anyone can live in. FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO LIVE IN. DONT MOVE IN. I can guarantee that it will be the worst time in your life.

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Be wary of any apartment with a towing policy this aggressive, and parking lots with this many potholes. Very little of what I’ve experienced from Knightvest as a management company has been positive. I’ll start with when I filled out my apartment damage and inventory sheet; I don’t think scripts for porn use the phrases “small hole filled with cock/caulk” and “gap in the wood” as many times as I did when moving in. Next, the time my (and two other) apartment(s) were flooding, but no one could get in contact with emergency maintenance. I’ll add the tire I had to replace, because of potholes in the parking lot, and then finish with the time Knightvest changed the tow policy, in a way that will increase the number of visitors towed, and in so doing increase the commission Knighvest splits with the tow company. No policy changes I’ve seen from Knightvest over the last few months has offered any benefit to the residents of the properties. The apartments are reasonably alright for the money, but you can find much better. Live in a place that cares about its residents- at least a little.
Edit: After talking with Vicki Hibdon of Knightvest I’m now entirely convinced that this complex is run by people who don’t care about residents. In explaining to her that I as a resident have NEVER had a problem with parking in this complex (on Friday 8/5 at 11:30 we had 43 empty spaces between all lots and at 1:20 -ish at least 23 spaces were available.) I was told that because I’d never been a property manager that I wasn’t able to understand why parking is a problem, because my experience as a resident is not sufficient to understand if something is or is not an issue. For the record, the complex has adequate parking, but I understand that with my feeble non-apartment manager mind; I cannot fathom how big a problem parking is in this complex. The only way I could understand is how big a problem parking is in this complex is if I, like Vicky, had 15 years of experience in what is little more than an entry level job.
Since the problem as Vicky explains it, is a fear that people visiting other properties (mostly also run by Knightvest) will park in this lot because they are afraid of being towed from other lots. This is a fairly huge logic fallacy since if all the other Knightvest properties didn’t have the same stupid tow policy parking would likely not be a problem in any complex, but I’m not an expert property manager like Vicki Hibon.

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Have lived here for 3 months and it has just been one issue to the next. When I first arrived, the place was infested with cockroaches, I am from up north so I figured maybe it was normal down here…. found out that it is NOT normal and is completely unacceptable. Then, the towel rack fell off the wall in the middle of the night because cheap sheetrock screws couldn’t hold the weight of the bar let alone a towel. Then when we got cable, we had to wait a few weeks for a technician to come put just to realize that the cable wasn’t connected to the outlet. A week after that, we realized the water line wasn’t hooked up to the dishwasher. And if you don’t want to use their disgusting laundry facilities you have the option of ONE style of stackable washer dryer because there is only a 220V outlet therefore you need a single unit washer dryer. Then we realized that one of the bedroom doors can’t close because the doorknob and the hole on the door frame are at different heights. And I am sitting down writing this review right now because my shower head just stopped working. This place is ridiculously overpriced for what you get. I can’t think of a single thing that has wowed me in any way shape or form. And I am not even covering some of the other stuff such as the globe on the porch light missing, screen door not attached etc. I wish Aberdeen would just let us move out early without penalty, I don’t even want money off my rent… I simply just WANT TO LEAVE.

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Not the place to live or rent. Stay away from this place. When reviewing the space to rent they showed a model unit. I asked to review the actual renting unit and the sales rep stated that the unit was under repairs and was not available to be reviewed. So, the they I moved in I was surprised with a hideous cigarette smell, uncleaned space and a few defective items. After reporting these, the management did nothing about it but to provide some “rocks” that would absorb the odor. Needless to say, that didn’t work and I moved out.

This rental place always have the entrance gates broken, constantly defective washer and dryers, they charge fees for everything, they pass the water cost (including defective sprinklers leaks, maintenance related, etc water expenses) to the tenants, they are not responsive to anybody’s issues requests and they have no good customer service towards their tenants.