KC Kronbach

Kevin Christopher Kronbach is a managing partner at Knightvest Management LLC. This bio is in no way official and wasn’t written by KC Kronbach, any of his companies or agents. This site is managed by a fan. Someone who admires Mr. Kronbach and his company Knightvest for the complete lack of ethics and operational incompetence they show. The person who runs this website wants to let the world know how amazing it is that in this day and age being a complete scum bag like Kronbach can still be profitable.

KC Kronbach is licensed by The Texas Real Estate Commission as a real estate service provider in Dallas, Texas. In theory, TREC requires that all real estate brokers and sales agents deal with the public in a competent and honest manner. KC Kronbach Just may be proof that honesty is more a guideline and not a requirement.

Knightvest has moved many people into apartments that do not comply with Texas Property Code. Knightvest has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and Knightvest’s management is known throughout the industry as rude and unprofessional. Some have described the actions of KC Kronbach’s company as criminal.

KC Kronbach and his company deserve to be put out of business, but since they continue to operate this website will live forever on the internet, as a reminder that screwing over customers and business partners is not okay. You should never work for or with KC Kronbach, you should never buy from, invest in or otherwise associate with any of this companies.